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Custom Programs

Tailor-made programs based upon your organization's specific need.

Who should attend:
Individuals from your chosen HR and/or line populations.

While most of the concepts and theories in HR are broadly applicable, to be fully effective, much of HR must be customized and developed to reflect the unique past history and current circumstance of any complex organization.  Organizations that invest in custom HR development programs can provide a flexible adaptive learning curricula to meet specific and changing needs.  Examples of past custom program topics include:

• HR Strategy
• HR & Value Creation: Driving Business Performance
• Courage in HR
• Change Management
• Data Driven Decision Making in HR: Analytics, Metrics and
• Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
• HR Leadership
• Talent Management

Our custom programs provide mid-level and executive HR practitioners with research-based approaches for meeting business challenges, as well as guidance for how best to implement them at the individual and organizational level.
Design &   

Our process begins with the collection of relevant input from your HR and business leadership teams. These inputs are then used to create a preliminary custom program proposal.  Once the proposed concept is accepted by your organization, we work closely with your HR leadership team to lay out a clear learning strategy to fit your specific business and unit goals.

We do NOT believe one size fits all.  We base our design on your business strategy rather than relying on standardized formats, delivery methods or curricula.  Yet, regardless of company, our customized programs are linked firmly to the ILR School’s world-class workplace research.  Our faculty is extremely adept at tailoring this research and its applications to your specific business needs—now and into the future.

The development phase allows our management team to become more familiar with all parts of your organization as they develop an in-depth understanding of your business, culture and challenges.  Such understanding increases the odds of our program’s concepts being truly embedded in your organization’s business strategy thereby adding another level of accountability for results that rests outside the HR function.
& Action:  

Custom courses blend research, case studies, application, and action learning projects to transform learning into practice.  Some pre-work is generally required.  Our faculty members serve as educators, mentors and collaborators in a highly interactive environment that respects the time and work experience of the senior leaders we teach.

Our staff provides a seamless, professional experience for attendees— from post-program communication, to logistics and materials—onsite at locations worldwide or on the Cornell University campus.

Variable – typically 1-5 days, customized to your organization’s competitive needs and HR development goals.


Variable – can be held on the Cornell University campus, at your location (in the U.S. or abroad) or at a location central to the participants.

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