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Learning Consortiums

Custom-designed, invitation only small group sessions for company executives facing similar global challenges. 

Who should attend:
Executives from organizations in industries whose characteristics present similar global challenges. Examples might include manufacturing, high-tech, services, finance/banking, pharmaceuticals or fast-moving consumer goods. Executives can be from intact teams or chosen from HR and/or line populations

Each Consortium is custom-made and composed of companies who share common global challenges. The goal of each Consortium is to provide participants with multiple opportunities to have in-depth and insightful conversations with executives whose organizations are facing similar issues. Consortium participants leave the program with a broader set of tools for addressing their shared challenges, as well as an expanded support network of executives from around the world.

Design &   

Each Learning Consortium engages 2-5 non-competing organizations in a team-based learning experience.  Consortium members collaborate with ILR faculty and staff to design an appropriate curriculum to suit their organizations’ needs.  Members also decide how best to meet those needs by customizing the course curriculum, length, location, and format. To date, consortiums have formed to address a range of critical industry-specific issues. These have included employee engagement, benefits strategies, controlling costs of pensions & healthcare and emerging trends in employee relations.

& Action:  

Prior consortiums have included site and facility tours to see best practices in action; guest lectures by noted experts in industry, academia, and government; and participation by teams of HR and line executives. Some pre-work is generally required. Teams work on existing company issues, present solutions, and receive immediate feedback from peers and faculty.

Our team of globally recognized experts provides a seamless, professional experience for attendees—from pre- and post-program communication, to logistics and materials—onsite at locations worldwide or on the Cornell University campus.


Variable – typically 1-2 days, multiple times during the year. (Based on number of topics to be addressed.)


Variable – can be held on the Cornell University campus or at a location central to the participating companies.

Program Cost:  
Variable - Consortiums are a very cost effective training option as they still have all the benefits of a custom designed program; however, they distribute the cost of custom program development and delivery across several organizations.

Interested In   
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