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Modern CHRO Role

An HR executive program designed to help prepare very high potentials to successfully assume a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) role.  Through in-depth conversations with practicing Fortune 500 CHROs, participants gain an in-depth understanding of the unique dynamics of the CHRO role and leave the program with a personal development plan.

Who should attend:
HR executives with at least 15 years of experience within HR who show potential to assume the top HR position within a few years, or those who have already been named successor to the current CHRO. The program is limited to no more than 20 attendees.

Organizations that send participants to this program can expect to build a stronger internal bench of executive HR talent, one with the company-specific insights and exposure that ensure a higher probability of success in the top HR position.

Participants leave the program with an in-depth understanding of the unique dynamics of the CHRO role in their own firms, and the specific skills and abilities needed to deliver both innovative strategies as well as flawlessly executed programs. They create a personal development plan to address skill gaps, or to dive deeper into critical business challenges.
This program brings participants face-to-face with the daily realities of the modern CHRO position through two key activities:

Sessions: Structured yet open and candid dialogue with current and retired CHROs, CEOs, Board of Director members from publicly traded firms, top ILR School faculty and industry experts in critical topic areas. Participants gain a level of exposure to key issues—such as executive compensation and BOD relationships—that is rarely available on-the-job to potential successors.

Action Learning Project: Using session information, dialogues conducted within their firms, and group feedback, participants work on a project between sessions designed to bridge the modules and highlight personal areas for development.


W New York: New York, NY

Class of 2018-19:
    • November 7-8, 2018
    • March 11-13, 2019

* Note: attendance at both sessions is required

Session One | 1.5 days
The first session focuses on building a more complete understanding of the CHRO role, specifically looking at what sets it apart from those roles reporting into it. Attendees will hear from and interact with experienced CHROs—providing a rare one-to-one, insider's view into the multi-faceted role of today's top HR executive. In addition, Cornell University ILR School faculty will expose attendees to their cutting-edge research about the evolving CHRO role.

Session Two | 3 Days
The second session drills down into the most sensitive aspects of the CHRO role, allowing attendees to hear how experienced senior human resource officers deal with these issues. Senior executive faculty will focus on executive compensation, roles and relationships with the Board, and managing the CEO relationship—with a particular emphasis on specific challenges faced by the CHRO - and suggestions for overcoming them.
Program Cost:  
$ 9,950

*Note effective Jan 1, 2017 CAHRS partner companies will receive a discount of $450.

This is a nomination only program.  Executives must be nominated to attend by their Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 
The application consists of two parts:
  1. A CHRO/CEO nomination letter.  Letters should be addressed to the Faculty Review Committee, ILR Executive Education, 193 Ives Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.
  2. An executive biography of the nominee (to include a photo and company logo)
Applications should be emailed to Elona Pira, Program Manager, at
Companies can nominate no more than two people per program and no more than 20 executives are accepted.

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Please contact Elona Pira, Program Manager, at for more information.