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Cornell University faculty leaders work with clients to custom-design development programs that build organizational capability. These plans leverage research-based HR practices to help solve business challenges, augment HR organizational expertise and advance strategic goals.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development

Developing Innovative HR and Organizational Leaders

Today’s Organizational and HR Leaders must invest in innovation and creativity to keep their companies on the cutting edge of competition. This requires an integrated mix of resources, processes and values that differentiate an organization’s human capital. Our goal is to build awareness and skills in strategic and business insight, informed risk taking, courage and resilience to facilitate development of the HR leader for the future.

Future of Work

Designing for the Workforce of the Future

The technological revolution is here, human workers and machines will complement the other’s efforts in a single loop of productivity. Successfully transitioning to the future workplace requires an Artificial Intelligence mindset to foster a culture that embraces its own disruption, bring out creativity in your organization and eliminate barriers to innovation.  Our faculty will work with you to examine new ways of thinking about jobs, enterprise culture, and technology.

Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Embedding diversity and inclusion in the global workplace to drive innovation, foster talent, create efficiencies and achieve value added results continues to be a challenge. Frequently, organizations only focus on solutions and not the root causes of diversity and inclusion impediments. Work with our faculty experts to analyze how workplace practices shape views, values and perceptions, learn how to uncover hidden biases and identify the unique strengths and challenges of diversity and inclusion in your business strategies.

HR Strategy

Aligning HR and Business Strategies

Today, questions continue to linger about how to ensure alignment of HR with business goals. Further, aligning HR practices to fully engage and drive productivity remains a challenge for most organizations. Our faculty experts provide research-based guidance on best practices for tightening HR and business linkages. Through a variety of cases and exercises, learners return to the organization with a clear sense of how their work can, and should, drive business goals.

Competency Development

Assessing Organizational Competencies

An essential first step in developing HR talent is to gauge current levels of competence and proficiency. We help organizations articulate key competencies required for current and future success, develop custom assessments to capture feedback from managers, peers, and other key sources.  Often the first step in a longer-term development program, our assessment and reporting expertise benefits both individuals and organizations, providing a “big picture” take on overall areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

HR Analytics

Building Data Driven Capabilities

Although companies recognize the importance of bringing data and evidence into decisions about talent, the reality is that most HR professionals have received little, if any, training in HR or talent analytics. At the same time, this skill set is quickly becoming a requirement rather than a luxury for today’s HR professionals. Our faculty experts study, teach, and practice HR analytics. With a combination of frameworks, cases, and hands-on activities, we help organizations strengthen their capabilities in bringing evidence and rigor to HR practice.

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