People Analytics: Advancing Talent Management Decision Making

Leverage Insights. Influence Actions. Enable Change.

How do you harness the sheer volume and diversity of data available for your most valuable—and often most expensive—asset, your people? Talent management decisions are often driven by intuition and past experience, and few organizations have fully realized their data-driven potential, using evidence-based talent decision making to drive better outcomes.

Are you fully realizing the power of your people analytics?  

During this unique program, you'll learn both theory-backed, industry-leading research about the key competencies and skills needed to fully leverage people data in organizations, as well as how practitioners on the front line of data analytics apply these best practices to real-world scenarios. Participants will be equipped to immediately begin changing their people management practices by leveraging data and analytics to gain credibility and buy-in and take action to improve their workforce management decision making to benefit the long term growth of their organization. 

Join Cornell ILR Professor Dr. John Hausknecht and Amit Mohindra, Global Head of Talent Strategy & Analytics at Wayfair, as they lead this intensive two-day program that will give participants tangible tools, strategic approaches, and an understanding of how to strengthen their analytical acumen to influence others toward a best course of action using data and evidence. 

This program combines insights from ongoing research with Cornell's Center for Advanced HR Studies with practical applications from Mr. Mohindra's experiences at Wayfair, as well as previously with Apple and McKesson.

In this highly engaging learning environment, participants will apply theories and techniques during hands-on activities, learning how new people analytics tools and approaches are being used most effectively, and engage in rich dialogue with peers from across a variety of industries and perspectives to develop the skills needed to be data-savvy leaders in modern organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key role that people data and analytics play in driving change and business results
  • Discover frameworks and approaches to connect people data to business outcomes
  • Cultivate a leadership perspective that pushes you and others to be more fact-based in decision-making
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how people data can increase the likelihood of success for organizational change efforts
  • Advance analytical acumen by practicing how to extract meaning and insights from people data and findings
  • Explore company case studies and success stories while learning about new tools and technologies in people analytics (including AI-driven tools)

Program Details

Two-day program
April 28 - 29, 2020

Cornell University
ILR New York City Conference Center
570 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

Program Fee


Who Should Participate

Mid- to senior-level professionals who want to improve their fluency and understanding of using people data; appropriate for individuals both inside and outside of HR.

Ideal for individuals and organizations who want to apply a data-driven approach to improve their workforce management decision-marking.

Recognition of Achievement

Certificate of Completion from the Cornell ILR School

Earn Continuing Education Credits

This program qualifies for Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) credits or  Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) credits.

Recertification credits are awarded upon successful completion of this program.



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Day 1

Explore how people data is being used in organizations to drive business outcomes and change

Learn frameworks that connect people data to business results

Build personal capabilities in people analytics: practice applying skills and tools to transform data into valuable insights and how to realize the persuasive power of data

Day 2

Develop your personal leadership perspective for building and supporting a data-driven culture

Panel discussion with leading People Analytics practitioners—including Q&A

Understand the role of AI in people analytics; examining new tools, technology and trends

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